TPE Yoga Mat


The Pro FloAthletika Premium Yoga/Pilates Mat comes fully equipped with a carrying strap. It is extra Thick but thin enough to stay connected to the floor, at a thickness of 1/4 inch and fully reversible. The mat has great grip and provides a good cushioning. Traveling is easy with it, as it weighs only 2 lbs. The mat is latex-free, durable, biodegradable and recyclable!

  • SUPERIOR CUSHIONING ✓ At 1/4 inch thick, the mat ensures you stay comfortable, but still connected with the ground during your practice or workout. Your knees, elbows and palms will be thanking you!
  • MOISTURE REPELLENT ✓ The newly designed eco-friendly material repels moisture, bacteria and odor, leaving your mat ALWAYS FRESH! For Hot Yoga, we recommend the use of a hot yoga towel to absorb the sweat.
  • CARRYING STRAP INCLUDED ✓ REVERSIBLE ✓ The PRO FlöAthletika Premium Yoga/Pilates Mat is fully reversible! It’s like getting TWO MATS IN ONE with two different grip patterns! It also comes with a carrying strap!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ✓ At just over 2 lbs, the FlöAthletika Premium Yoga/Pilates Mat is extremely lightweight, making it convenient to carry around to the studio, or even with you while traveling!
  • RISK FREE ✓ 100% MONEY BACK guarantee and out of this world service. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, so all of our customer service representatives are yoga gurus and enthousiasts.
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Having trouble finding a suitable mat for your practice? Have all mats failed you? Featuring the best mat to enter the market – PRO FLÖ ATHLETIKA Premium Extra Thick Yoga/Pilates Mat in Midnight Blue.

It helps with any yoga or pilates practice, including ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa, moksha, bikram and many more! It is also the best option for your everyday workout!

Why TPE?

These Yoga Mats are non-toxic, contain no PVC, completely biodegradable and extremely durable. They repel moisture, block bacteria, and stay fresh, unlike PVC Foam mats, which you have to dispose of after just a few months.

For hot yoga, we recommend the use of a yoga towel. Since the mat is made of a closed-cell material, it doesn’t absorb the sweat. This means that your mat lasts longer and keeps out the smelly bacteria!

Why FlöAthletika?

Unlike other big companies, FlöAthletika was founded by fitness and Yoga enthusiasts who could not find a mat good enough for them. We have finally managed to create a mat that we love. We provide a 100% guarantee on all of our products because we know how important a Yoga Mat is to your practice.

Why the Premium PRO FlöAthletika Yoga/ Pilates Mat?

Each side features a different, specially designed texture to help beginners and experts during tough practices. They are completely reversible, extremely light weight (at just over 2 lbs) and convenient for trips! With dimensions of 24″ x 72″, you don’t need to worry about falling off your mat!

Don’t hesitate – go to right away, get your very own FlöAthletika Premium Yoga Mat today and practice using ONLY THE BEST! 100% Money Back Guarantee!