FlöAthletika originated as a group of yoga enthusiasts who noticed that the yoga gear out there is just not good enough. We decided to take it upon ourselves to create yoga accessories that meet our high standards.

Premium yoga products, mats, blocks and other accessories designed by practicing yogis to simplify and enhance their practice. At last available for YOU on Amazon.com ~ pick your gear up today!

What people are saying about FlöAthletika

Least expensive high quality mat out there!
“I can confidently say that this mat is the nicest mat I can find for half the price of the next closest in quality. Not only is it the least expensive high quality mat I can find, it also happens to be much lighter and less stinky than most similar quality options. It barely had any smell from the beginning- only noticeable when I put my nose right up to it and even then its faint. The thickness is perfect for yoga classes on harder surfaces like wood floors and concrete. The color is true to the pictures. I get comments all the time at yoga classes from people asking where I got such a nice mat.”
High quality mat!
-Simon King
“I give this mat 5 stars for quality. Im 6’2″ and weighing 195lb, this material is tough and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. I use it every day for yoga and pilates to recover from a back injury. I highly recommend this mat to anyone serious about yoga and fitness.”
Quality, Environmentally Responsible Yoga Mat– Best I’ve Got
-Trevor Olson
“Excellent workmanship, no strong odor, nice cushioning, and feels stable during Yoga poses. I’ve only had the mat about a month and have used one side to date, but will be trying the other also. Each side has a different ‘tread’ which I expect will give the 2nd side a different feel. The mat looks good and it’s easy to clean; I like the environmental aspects of the product, too, including that it is biodegradable. Our yoga classes have a lot of men as well as women and I received lots of compliments during the initial usage. I’ve been using the club’s yoga mats a lot and prefer this mat to the many types available at the club.”